All buying and selling signals are purely technical, they were generated by technical indicators, it is nothing personal and has nothing to do with my portfolio positions.
These technical signals are to be used for ( Technical Analysis ) studies and experiments, don't use it for real money trading !!! I ACCEPT NO LIABILITY in any circumstances.
所有買賣信號,均由技術信號過慮而得之,純技術性,並非個人意見,亦與本人之投資組合的內容無關。 此等技術信號之用途,只供學習及研究(技術分析)之用,切勿用作真實買賣!!!
在任何情況下,閣下 必須自負所有得失責任,並與本人無關。

Thursday, April 23, 2009


一個有效的技術信號是應由足夠數量的金錢所推動而成的。股票技術信號 所挑選的股票是必需有足夠流通量的股票,對短期投機者而言,這點特別重要。


Signal信號(up/down 牛/熊),
Stockcode , Close, $Turnover, High, Low
股票號碼, 收市價, 大致成交金額, 當天最高價, 當天最低價

signal信號(up牛), 長倉入場,短倉離場
signal信號(down熊), 短倉入場,長倉離場




HOW to use the scanning report

A valid technical signal is when there are big enough amount of money changed hands. Technical Stock Signals picks stocks that fulfill minimum short-term required liquidity, this is especially important if you do short-term trades.

The scanning report provides both (Bullish & Bearish ) technical signals.
Its format as below :

Stockcode , Close, $Turnover, High, Low

- signal(up), means entry for long, exit for shorted
- signal(down), means entry for short, exit for longed
- Stockcode is the code number for the stock
- Close is the closing price
- $Turnover is the amount of money being traded roughly
- High is the day high price
- Low is the day low price
Scanning result is available at ( http://technicalsignals.blogspot.com/)

Very often, when you look at all these ( Bullish & Bearish ) signals as a whole, from day to day, you will be able to get a feel of the balance between the ( buying & selling ) forces, this will give us a hint of next move.

For example, if we found that ( Bullish & Bearish ) are quite balanced, this means that the market has no direction at the moment, if one is stronger that the other, that should be seen as mean direction.